Clan War History
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Author: RIO_DORO [ 7. Mar 2012, 15:11 ]
Post subject: Clan War History

16/10/2011FEWUW Cup Image WarriorWin 2:0WinWin
23/10/2011FEWUW CupImageEarthLose 0:2LoseLose
30/10/2011FEWUW CupImage(WW)Draw 1:1LoseWin
06/11/2011FEWUW CupImage FoxLose 0:2LoseLose
13/11/2011FEWUW CupImage UAWin 2:0WinWin
22/01/2012FunWarImageEarthDraw 1:1LoseWin
05/02/2012FunWarImage eoNLose 0:1LoseDraw
12/02/2012FunWarImage UK-TeamDraw 1:1LoseWin
19/02/2012FunWarImage(WW)Win 2:0WinWin
31/03/2012FunWarPublicWin 3:1:1Win/loseWin/Win/Draw
14/04/2012FunWarImage(WW)Lose 1:2Lose/WinLose
27/05/2012FunWarImageEarthLose 1:2LoseWin/Lose
10/06/2012FunWarImage eoNWin 1:0DrawWin
24/06/2012FunWarImage DADraw 1:1LoseWin
13/01/2013FunWarImage-exp- Win 2:0WinWin
20/01/2013FunWarImageEarthDraw 1:1LoseWin
27/01/2013FunWarIREWin 1:0DrawWin
10/02/2013NSLTerraWin 2:0WinWin
17/02/2013NSLImage eoNLose 0:2LoseLose
24/02/2013NSLImage SunLose 0:2LoseLose
10/03/2013NSLImage DADraw 1:1WinLose
17/03/2013NSLImage(WW)Lose 0:2LoseLose
24/03/2013NSLIREDraw 1:1LoseWin
07/04/2013NSLImage WarriorWin 2:0WinWin
14/04/2013NSLImage FoxLose 0:2LoseLose
21/04/2013NSLImage-exp- Win 2:0WinWin
28/04/2013NSLOMLose 0:2LoseLose
05/05/2013NSLImageEarthLose 0:2LoseLose
12/05/2013NSLImage DeMoLose 0:2LoseLose
16/06/2013SummerCupImage(WW)Lose 0:2LoseLose
23/06/2013SummerCupImage-exp- Win 2:0WinWin
30/06/2013SummerCupvVvLose 0:2LoseLose
07/07/2013SummerCupImage DeMoLose 0:2LoseLose
08/12/2013DeMoCupImage WarriorWin 1:0DrawWin
22/12/2013DeMoCupImage DeMoLose 1:2Lose/LoseWin
29/12/2013DeMoCupvVvWin 2:0 WinWin
05/01/2013DeMoCupImage DeMoLose 0:2LoseLose

FEWUW Cup: 2 Wins 2 Lose 1 Draw
FunWars: 5 Win3 Lose 4 Draw
NSL: 3 Win7 Lose 1 Draw
Summercup: 1 Win3 Lose 0 Draw
DeMoCup: 4 Win4 Lose 1 Draw
Total:15 Wins19 Loses8 Draws

All Clans:
Image Warrior
Image Sun
Image DeMo
Image SoN
Image DA
Image eoN
Image TH'
Image Fox
Image UA
Image UK SWC-Team

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