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Author: TrytoN [ 26. Dec 2012, 14:47 ]
Post subject: TrytoN (Failed)

Hello altogether!
Here is my apply.


Age:I'am 14 years old hope it is enough. (4.06.1998)my birthday

Clan experience:I'am still in SoN(DEATH) and i was in ire but i want to say that kraise invite me without any register and so on. :) but i leave it

Playing time:Like 9months . I'am online all days

Why do you wanna join the Nightmares?In my opinion it is a good clan and firendly .With most experience peoples.

Be realistically and tell us what your skills are ?
My skills i think is not so good because i make to many freeswings at human and i work on my beast moves.

What do you think about Teamplay?
I think i'am a team player because this say other players. :)
Teamspeak available? Yes :)
I'am online all times :)

(not needed but recommended)
(Where do you live?)
+ more info:

Author: Diwo [ 26. Dec 2012, 15:20 ]
Post subject: Re: TrytoN will join


Author: TrytoN [ 26. Dec 2012, 15:21 ]
Post subject: Re: TrytoN will join

Danke DIwo :D

Author: Zaq [ 26. Dec 2012, 19:00 ]
Post subject: Re: TrytoN will join

Goooooood luck man :!:

Author: Polako [ 27. Dec 2012, 17:42 ]
Post subject: Re: TrytoN will join

jaa jaa good luck !

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